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July 22, 2017

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Print through a Professional Photographer

February 14, 2017

When you print through a professional print lab only available to photographers your images become high quality art, they use museum grade canvas which means in 100 years when you're no longer around the canvas will look as fresh as it was the day you hung it on your wall, the colours that are available on their printers include all the hues that are present in the original file so that means your image is going to look exactly as the digital version, if you print on your own through somewhere that is available to the general public 9 x out of 10 you're not going to get a quality representation of the image I have spent hours on perfecting! it will be a mediocre version of it.


If you value your pictures and have paid a professional photographer to take your images, the logical next step would be to have the finished product of professionally printed images. This year I have moved forward to offering a full service experience to my clients because I believe if you are outlaying money to have a professional create beautiful keep sake memories for you, then the end result of what you are displaying on your walls or in your albums should be a professional representation of the art created! It would be like going to a 5 star restaurant and ordering your meal for the chef to come out and give you a half cooked plate of food and tells you to cook the rest of it yourself, you most likely are capable of cooking the rest, but really, how good is it going to turn out? will it taste the same and be as good if that professional chef was to cook it? Its really not going to be an enjoyable experience either. Its the same when a "professional" photographer takes your images and then gives you a bunch of digital files for you to figure out what you're going to do with them! that was how I use to do it but have realised what a disservice it is to my clients, especially when past clients would show me the prints and canvases they had done, although they looked ok it was not an accurate representation of my work and at the end of the day as any good artist feels they only want the best displayed. 




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